6 Health Benefits of Giving Gifts During the Holiday Season

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Choosing and giving gifts during the Holidays can be a stressful thing. Ever feel pressure when shopping for birthday or Christmas gifts? Think about the best presents you have ever received, not all of them were shiny expensive gifts right? This article examines the benefits of actually giving gifts, rather than receiving them. You may be surprised at how many mental and emotional benefits there are in giving someone a gift, no matter how inexpensive or small. Discover how being a gift giver can result in more positive feelings than you can imagine.

Giving gifts has been known to leave the person with an emotional high. Science has proven that altruism and selflessness correlates strongly with happiness. Studies and experiments show that engaging in acts of generosity, you also get something in return: whether it be self-esteem, generosity, or other good vibes. Here are the benefits of gift giving that you can’t buy from any shop.

  1. Gratitude Grows from Service and Generosity: When we give gifts to another, no matter how small, we are strengthening the bond that we share between the other person. Seeing someone else benefit from your gift brings a sense of appreciation and gratefulness into your life.
  2. The Positive Feeling is Mutual: When you get a nice gift you generally feel happy, which is normal and expected. However, experience has shown that the person giving the gift can actually match or surpass the levels of joy from the exchange.
  3. Paying it Forward: Giving a gift without expecting anything in return is the essence of altruism or “paying it forward”. When we do something kind of perform a good deed for someone it often has a ripple effect that can trigger similar acts of kindness in others. When we witness someone helping another, it resonates within us and can inspire us.
  4. Positivity Attracts Positivity (Karma):  “If you do something positive, positive psychology says you attract positive,” Silvernail MD, says. “People don’t always give just to get something back, but many times we think ‘if I do a good deed, something good will happen for me.’”
  5. Sense of Satisfaction: There is an enormous sense of satisfaction when seeing the expression on the face of someone you’ve given a gift to. A way to express feelings, giving reinforces appreciation and acknowledgement of each other. The feelings expressed mainly depend on the relationship between giver and recipient.
  6. Generosity Can Lead to Healing: The previous benefits have been mainly focused on mental and emotional health. However when we experience generosity it can actually boost longevity, lower stress and anxiety, and increase our immune system. Giving gifts, volunteering, or simply providing assistance to others can have beneficial effects on our physical well-being.

Credit/Article taken from New Bridge Recovery

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