Sneeze Guard Desk Countertops

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Sneeze Guard Desk Countertops

Add a clear physical barrier to corporate desktops and reception counters to help reduce the transmission of germs & diseases. Many businesses, hotels, doctor's offices and dental offices have work desks or reception counters where communication between employees or between customers and employees takes place. Other interaction areas where sneeze guards can be used include ticket counters, airport counters, restaurant counters and reception desks.

Use an Acrylic divider or sneeze guard at these locations to help stop the spread of diseases transmitted through coughs and sneezes.

Protect employees and your customers by using a washable clear divider that creates a physical separation and helps maintain social distancing. This item provides a low-cost and unobtrusive solution for these challenging customer service areas.

  •   - No drilling needed
  •   - Durable and long lasting acrylic of 1/8"
  •   - 3M Double tape under legs

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